Emergency Contraceptive ("Morning-after pill")

Our pharmacists are able to supply the emergency contraceptive pill where appropriate

Medicine Management and Long Term Condition Services

  • Are you getting the most out of your medicines?
  • Do you understand your medicines?
  • Do you sometimes forget to take your medicine?
  • Are you unsure of the best time to take your medicine?
  • Are some changes confusing you?
  • Need help?

Our pharmacy provides a service to help patients manage their medicines. This can help people who are having problems with their medicines including those who forget to take their medicines on time or who are unsure what their medicines are for, and those who are troubled by medicine changes following a hospital admission. In many cases there is no charge for this service. Please ask us for more information about these services

Sildenafil (Viagra®) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Our specially trained pharmacists are now able to offer sildenafil (Viagra®) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This treatment is available to men between 35 and 70 years who meet certain criteria.

Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

We are now able to offer an antibiotic treatment for eligible women suffering from a bladder infection (also known as a “UTI” or cystitis). UTIs are very common in women and symptoms usually include a burning feeling when passing urine and the need to pass urine more frequently. Until now, pharmacists could only offer temporary relief from these symptoms and often women needed to be referred to their doctor for treatment.

Our specially trained pharmacists can now offer a 3 day course of the antibiotic trimethoprim, to women between 16 and 65 years of age who meet certain criteria. No appointment is necessary, please call in and discuss your symptoms with our pharmacists.

Warafin monitoring

For individuals who take warfarin to thin their blood, Fendalton Mall Pharmacy can now offer an “on the spot” warfarin monitoring service where we can check your bleeding time (“INR”) and adjust your dose while you wait in the pharmacy.

Warfarin testing at our pharmacy has several advantages over usual laboratory based testing:

  • A drop of blood is taken by a finger prick (similar to how patients with diabetes check their own blood sugars) instead of a vial of blood taken from the vein
  • The results are fast - within minutes, while you wait
  • We give you a printed calendar that explains your next warfarin dosing schedule
  • We can remind you about your next blood test date by email or phone
  • Our service is free

Warfarin testing at Fendalton Mall Pharmacy requires the support of your GP, who remains “in charge” of your overall care. They authorise us to take care of your day-to-day warfarin management. We advise your GP of all of your results and any tricky INRs (too low or too high) are discussed with them before a plan for your future dosing is reached.

Our pharmacy has offered this free service since 2013. We have pharmacists who have undertaken the specialist training to provide this service and are keen to help. If you think pharmacy testing sounds like a good idea, let us know so that we can provide more information for you and your GP.

Blister Packs (Medico Pak)

Our pharmacy offers a blister packaging service to help people take their medicines on time. Blister packs may help many individuals including the elderly or disabled, travelers, and those on complex medicine regimens.

  • Going on holiday? Medico Paks help organise your medicines, save space and time and are customs friendly.
  • We are happy to discuss this service and its cost to you.
  • Talk to our dispensary team for more information.

Over the Counter Medicines

Our pharmacy stocks an extensive range of medicines, including those that require specialist pharmacist advice prior to sale (“pharmacist-only” medicines). Our staff are able to offer free advice on all of these products.

Prescription Dispensing

Our pharmacy will dispense your prescription according to the professional requirements of the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand, the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand, the Ministry of Health, the subsidy requirements of the Pharmaceutical Schedule & our pharmacy agreement with the Canterbury District Health Board.

Professional Advice

Our pharmacists provide professional advice and counseling to you about your medicines. This may include:

  • Directions for safe and effective use
  • The expected outcome of the therapy
  • Information on side effects and what you should do if you experience them
  • The correct storage requirements
  • Safe disposal of unused medicines
  • Smoking cessation advice and products (patches, gum and lozenges)

At least one pharmacist is available in the pharmacy at all times for medicine or health-related advice

Health and Lifestyle Products

Our pharmacy stocks a wide range of health and lifestyle products including vitamins, blood pressure monitors, skincare and baby products. We are able to offer free advice on these products.

Southern Cross Easy Claim

Fendalton Mall Pharmacy is pleased to offer a service where we can directly claim prescription charges for eligible Southern Cross Health Society members.

  • Hassle free electronic claim – no forms to complete
  • Simple claiming at time of purchase

For more information talk to the dispensary team, or to access this service simply present your Southern Cross Health Society membership card with your next prescription.